Search Engine Keywords: The Night I Lost Control Of My Left Arm: Archetype, Personal Archetype, Personal Truth, Silent Knowledge. I am an online book, online reading, free book, in search of the teachings of Don Juan de Carlos Castaneda. Reading this post, or this blog. Which was called, The Wasteland Messages. And it was published in the FIL of Guadalajara in Mexico. BOOKS BY RECOMMENDATION, BOOK BY RECOMMENDATION, I RECOMMEND YOU THIS BOOK. I RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS BLOG, BLOG FOR RECOMMENDATION, I RECOMMEND A BOOK. READING BY RECOMMENDATION. He talks about the unconscious, through a personal experience that inadvertently resembles the mythical conception of the hero Joseph Campbell’s journey, the monomith. And that the author experiences it as an immersion into the underworld. To a Nahua, or Mexican underworld. Close to the experiences recounted by the ancient Mexicans, Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Olmecs. But with new connotations, closer to psychology, neuroscience, and new discoveries about human consciousness. In this Rodraz blog, you will be able to immerse yourself in an inner journey, in which friendship and love fight against limbo. This web article, digital book, will bring you closer to surrealist works. In his texts you will discover words like. Labyrinth of the serpent, displacement of consciousness, shamanism, duality, spiral of light, spiral of light, swirls of light, swirls of matter that transform into light. An amazing vision that projects us into the human brain. It will be that dreams, visions, premonitions, revelations, predictions, fantastic events, synchronicity, runes, remembering the future, transpersonal psychology, transegrity, trance. Or concepts like the multiverse described by Hugh Everett, in which a multiverse is created with each decision. In this sense, good and evil do not exist, the only thing that exists is movement where reality is the shadow of dreams. And the octagons, they transform into spirals and the spirals through their movement transform into light. the syndrome of the alien hand, the syndrome of the strange hand, the syndrome of the anarchic hand. You will find stories about, paranormal manifestations, dreams, mysteries, intrigue, unsolved mysteries, UFOs, string theory, parallel universes. “The shamans of prehistory” the archaeologist and doctor of anthropology David Lewis-Williams and Jan Clottes prehistorian and specialist in rock art. They say: “Shamanism is just one of the circumstances in which, over the centuries, men have induced, manipulated and exploited deep states of altered consciousness.” Which leads me to think that somehow we have the ability to shift our point of experience outside of ourselves. Even to the future? How close is this idea to that of synchronicity proposed by C.G. Jung? Or to the lucid dreams that psychoanalyst Stephen Laberge studies at Stanford University. If he wrote all the ideas on a board and tied the strings like a detective, the duality becomes apparent. Consciousness and the unconscious.


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